15 Hair Care Tips everyone should know

  1. Massaging your scalp can improve circulation to your hair and promote hair growth
  2. Keeping yourself well hydrated from the inside will make you glow on the outside. Always keep a water bottle with you while working, watching t.v or out shopping.
  3. Almond oil is really beneficial to the hair. Apply the oils at night time makes your hair smooth and shiny to the next morning.
  4. Skip hot water showers, because hot water will make your hair dry and brittle as it strips protective oils from your hair, prefer a temperature which is just a bit warmer than your body temperature.
  5. Avoid hair ties that has a metal end as it breaks your hair.
  6. For the hair fall take the henna, lemon juice and egg white mix all these. Apply this paste on the hair and hair scalp. Wash after 20 minutes.
  7. To prevent breakage due to brittle hair avoid using bands and do not tie your hair too tightly.
  8. Avoid the hair exposure towards the sun, pollution.
  9. Wash your hair two to three times a week, max!
  10. Get your hair trimmed at least every six weeks to eliminate dry, split ends.
  11. Avoid being harsh when combing, drying or styling your hair, because harsh movements can significantly damage your locks
  12. Tea oil is the best applicant for the hair. it makes the hair glow and shiny.
  13. Prevent your hair from the pool damage by simply applying a little conditioner to your hair before you swim.
  14. Amla powder, castor oil and egg mix all of them and make as smooth paste. Apply it before going to hair bath.
  15. Use sulphate, paraben and alcohol free shampoos. These strip moisture from your hair