How to avoid split ends

As the time is progressing, beauty, culture, and fashion trends are changing every day. Science and technology have reached the heights of success but human health has declined in the same way. In this century few girls are known to have beautiful, long and shiny hair. On the other hand, modern techniques of fashion and styling have caused damage to the hair. Hair are the main part of anyone’s personality whether women or men. Women are very conscious about their hair but they get damaged due to several reasons. Just as we need food to live, our hair also needs food, nourishment, and extra care. Extensive exposure to sunlight and pollution damage your hair. Follow the tips below to get rid of split ends.

  • The first point to avoid split ends is to trim your hair often. In this way, hair grows much better.
  • Today the major cause of bad hair is your nutrition. Girls do dieting and get devoid of essential vitamins and minerals in their body which is necessary for maintaining good hair. Eat balanced and proper diet your hair will become better and spilt ends will be removed.
  • Eat fish at least once a week as it is rich in Vitamin E. It keeps your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Oil your hair often. Oils are the natural remedy for your hair care. Argon oil, castor oil and olive oil are the best for split end remedy.
  • Use hair mask from the tips to the roots to get rid of split ends. Mixing egg with yogurt and honey is the best nourishing mask.
  • Style your hair with care. Don’t use dangling accessories.
  • Avoid straightening your hair often as heating your hair will damage will hair protein and not only makes your hair rough, also weak and split them into strands. • Wash your hair with care. Be gentle. Comb your hair slowly. Don’t get harsh. Don’t comb wet hair and don’t use towels or blow dryers after washing your hair. Let them dry in open air.
  • Don’t backcombing your hair as it damages the epidermis of your hair.
  • Don’t use chemical treatments like streaking, or re-bonding.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on your split ends. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash your hair.
  • Don’t shampoo for hair more than thrice a week.
  • After washing your hair. Dry them and take a small amount of coconut oil and apply them on your split ends.
  • Don’t use a harsh type of shampoo and conditioners.
  • Comb your hair before sleeping.

Don’t sleep with wet hair.

God has gifted you with the beautiful thing as a part of your personality, that is, your hair.

If God has given curly or silky hair just be confident with that. If you have confidence in yourself you will look even prettier. I must say respect your hair. Hair, once gone, is hard to repair. You will have nothing to do except repentance over it. If you will follow these precautions definitely you will be not able to experience split ends.