Benefits of Cleansing You Should Know

Washing your face in the right way holds significant importance in your skin care. Cleansing is an inexpensive way of maintaining healthy skin. Do you brush your teeth daily? Oh, yes. Then why don’t you cleanse your skin daily? It costs only 3 minutes. Your skin also needs care. There are many types of cleansers available in the market. You only need to know which kind of cleanser suits your skin. If you have oily skin, use a low pH level cleanser. People with dry skin should use the alcohol-free cleanser and basic cleanser for sensitive skin. Cleansers in the form of cream are best for dry skin and gel cleansers are better for oily skin. If you are allergic to the chemicals present in a cleanser, try to use natural cleaners.

So finally you selected suitable cleanser for your skin. But the question is that why we need to cleanse our face, neck, and hands daily?

Cleansing is actually the removal dirt, pollutants, chemicals and other debris. Facial cleaning is the main part of skin care these days.

Many people cleanse their face, neck, and hands before going to bed.

  • We go out daily for many purposes like working, reading, teaching, shopping etc. . The environment is full of pollutants and chemicals. Our air has contaminated particles. All these chemicals stick to the exposed areas of skin especially hands and face. This dirt is very important to remove and make your skin free from impurities.

So cleansing helps to clean your skin.

  • Cleanse your face daily because it prevents from skin from dehydrating. It maintains a pH level of skin and keeps it hydrated.
  • Due to dirt on your face, it can block your pores and affect your hair follicles to transport sebum to your skin to remove bacteria. So cleansing clears up the blocked pores.
  • Women mostly use anti-aging products on their face and other beauty products. Their effectiveness increase when you do cleansing before applying these products.
  • Cleansing prevents extra oil.
  • Cleansing helps to remove dead cells from the skin so that new cells can take their place.
  • When you cleanse your skin, it accelerates blood circulation to your skin.
  • If you use makeup daily, then cleaning is the best option to remove this makeup.
  • Some people use cleanser brushes. They are not bad to use if you are bad at your fingers. They are good for lymphatic drainage.
  • Many people ask which time is best for Cleansing. It’s better to do before going to bed and early in the morning. But of you are lazy enough then cleansing in the night is best for you.
  • You don’t always need to buy a cleanser from the market. You can make it at home as well.

Some natural cleanser includes:

  • Mix honey in fee drops of milk and cleanse your face. It makes your skin soft and radiant.  
  • You can cleanse your skin with some oil. Castor oil is best for this purpose.
  • Mix yogurt with few drops of lemon to cleanse your skin.

Follow the above steps and get clear and shiny skin.