5 face cleansing tips for healthy looking skin

Exfoliate at least once a week. Gentle exfoliation buffs away dead cells on your face, resulting in smoother, brighter skin. Just like you would for a cleanser, make sure to find a scrub that’s suitable for your skin type. Face Mask: Choose a face mask based on your skin type. Face mask deep cleanses and removes impurities from the […]

Most common beauty mistakes women make

Washing your hair too much. Shampooing daily is okay if you use gentle products and have fine hair. If you lather more than that or have thick or coarse hair, you’re stripping away beneficial oils your hair produces, leaving it dry and dull. Use a moisturizing shampoo once daily or every other day if you can. […]

Anti aging tips for your skin

Use a gentler face wash. Be sure to use a light hand, cleansing in gentle, circular motions. Aggressive scrubbing could irritate already sensitive skin and accelerate aging Seriously, don’t smoke! Smoking increases wrinkles due to facial motion, and it also has a vasoconstricting effect, which means it chokes off blood vessel circulation Eat your antioxidants: Antioxidants help protect […]

10 Habits of women with great skin

They cleanse gently, once a day 2. They maintain a healthy diet 3. They break a sweat! 4. They don’t touch their face with fingers 5. They moisturizes every day and night 6. They exfoliate a couple time per week 7. They wear sunscreen everyday – rain or shine! 8. They keep themselves hydrated 9. They […]

15 Hair Care Tips everyone should know

Massaging your scalp can improve circulation to your hair and promote hair growth Keeping yourself well hydrated from the inside will make you glow on the outside. Always keep a water bottle with you while working, watching t.v or out shopping. Almond oil is really beneficial to the hair. Apply the oils at night time […]

Choosing natural skincare products in your regime

The human ѕkin iѕ thе lаrgеѕt оrgаn оf thе humаn bоdу. It nоt оnlу hаѕ ԛuitе a соmрlеx structure but аlѕо реrfоrmѕ ѕеvеrаl lifе-ѕuѕtаining functions. Wе саn livе withоut a Spleen, Gаll Bladder, оr аn Appendix, аnd wе can ѕurvivе with only оnе Kidnеу оr one Lung, but wе саnnоt survive withоut our ѕkin. Aѕ […]

Best Natural Skin Care

Regular care and a healthy lifestyle are the main factors that slow the aging of the skin. The cosmetic market offers dozens of brands that promise to improve the appearance of the skin, give it youth and radiance. Our beautiful faces are constantly under the pressure of negative factors, whether it is stress, pollution, short […]

Makeup that suits you in winter

To look beautiful is every girl’s dream. Nowadays lots of makeup techniques are coming up with new and latest trends. And guess what people are looking beautiful day by day due to the formation of quality makeup products. There were days in the 20th century when people didn’t know much about makeup. Today, there are […]

Shea Butter – One of West Africa’s Gifts to the World.

Plucked, ground, roasted, boiled, skimmed, and hardened –a tediously long string of steps that birth the shea butter, an often yellow wonder butter from the heart of West Africa. A relatively new consciousness outside of Africa has been birthed of the numerous uses of shea butter and its benefits as a beauty product. Before this […]

Cucumber benefits for eyes and skin

You know very well that every cosmetic comes from natural things made by God. The use of these things is known from ancient times and because of their many benefits in the fields of health, care, and beauty. A long time ago there was no processing of products and people use natural fruits, vegetables, herbs, […]