Coconut Oil and its Many Wonders as a Natural Beauty Product

Have you heard of coconut oil? Do you know of its many wonders to your hair, skin, and your body? It does so much more for the human body and is probably the most versatile natural product, but mention shall mainly be made in this piece of its wonders as a beauty product and how everyday people can tap from its benefits.

Your skin will love coconut oil, and so should you. The oil has an array of benefits that are highlighted and briefly mentioned below:

Skin moisturizer

It serves as an excellent massage oil that moisturizes your skin effectively irrespective of your skin type. It works well as a moisturizer for your face as it is non-greasy and is absorbed fast into your skin. It solidifies at room temperature, but upon contact with your palms, it melts quickly and can then  be applied on the skin.

Wrinkle Reducer

Coconut oil has also been used for reducing wrinkles on the skin especially around the eyes. For maximum effect, it should be dabbed around the eyes or other areas of focus and left on the skin all night and washed off in the morning.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil in even a small quantity dissolves facial makeup easily and allows it to be washed or wiped off the face with ease. For the best result, you should dab it on your face, soak a towel in warm water, and gently wipe the makeup off your face with it.

*After Shower plus After Shave

Coconut oil works well as an anti-bump agent after a shave and its advised to apply it on the skin liberally after a bath or shower as it locks in the skin moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. It also has a natural agent that protects your skin from sun damage when you eventually step out of your house.

Lip balms

As opposed to other commercially available lip balms, coconut oil helps to nourish the lips, prevent cracks, and keep them moisturized while having no side effects as it contains no toxic element. Also, as with the skin, it protects the lips against the sun, and there is no harm present from the occasional lick of the lips


Coconut oil is also used as a deodorant as it kills off harmful bacteria thereby helping to keep bad odor out. In some cases, it is even used to prevent bad breath, and to cure tooth decay by detoxifying the mouth. Swish one table spoon of coconut oil in your mouth for about 10 minutes, spit out, don’t swallow and rinse with water afterwards for the desired effect.

Shaving cream

Coconut oil can be used as a shaving cream to combat the menace of ingrown hair, razor burns, and other skin irritation associated with shaving. You just dab the oil on the areas to be shaved before you commence, and it will prevent any form of skin irritation.

Coconut oil is wonder oil, your skin love it, you hair loves it, and so should you.